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How to develop self-confidence. Why you need to value yourself more. A weak man can't love a strong women. He wont know what to do with her.

  I’m referring to self-confidence. Womens
have difficulty developing self-confidence, because we focus on everyone but ourselves.
​So taking the time for self-development doesn’t come naturally to us. Girls often trend to be passive, and not too daring or confident. After all, we don’t want to scare all those guys out there!


Never be to busy to be beautiful !

So how do these women create the belief in self
required to push the limits of their abilities? How
do they continue to try, even at the risk of public
failure and humiliation? If you asked them, the
formula for 
self-confidence would include the following steps:


 Take responsibility for yourself.This is the first step for the self-confidence formula. You,and only you by yourself, can bring new and beautiful things in your life. If you wait to be provided with good fortune, or with increased confidence, you’ll wait a long long time. Realize that the path toward self-confidence no one else can do it unsless you.

Begin to try new things in your life. Try something that you haven't done before. Go out to dinner alone. Take a class in an unfamiliar area for you. Teach yourself how to repair something. Testing your skills at new things is a wonderful way to learn more.


Make an action plan and practise it. Select one area for personal and professional development. Determine the main steps you will make to go there. Put these steps on a note. Now give living each step according to plan — no excuses. Every small step you take will be a great move to your confidence!

​Stick with it, even when you take on a new challenge. Self-confidence doesn’t come from each attempt you make. If it did, just one fail would bring you back to zero on the confidence developement. True confidence comes from an increasing belief that you mantain constant on yourself to take action and follow through, no matter what the results are.

Act “as if.” If you wait for te right moment to take an action until you have confidence, you’ll never do it. In the field of psychology we have come to the result that by changing our behavior, we can change our feelings and circumstances. So if you take action, and do so with a semblance of outward confidence, the inward, true feeling of confidence, will follow.

​Find a mentor. Do you know someone who is confident and goes from one new risk to another? Watch as they do this and learn. Take the courage to ask them for a coffee. Find out how they do what they do, and ask them for feedback about your prepared plan and realisation. Most confident people are willing to help. They remember the courage and effort it’s taken them to get where they are today.


Well, the truth is “out of the bag.”
No more excuses.
No more wistful sighs, as you think about that successful gymnast you met, or the woman you read about who returned to medical school in her 60s.

Right here, right now, you have the chance to develop your confidence, and be a new you.

     A weak man can't love a strong women.
      He won't know what to do with her.